Nomeasy is an accredited Registrar for domain names and it already accepts pre-orders! That means that you can try to get your favourite domain right now, even if you do not qualify for Sunrise or do not want to order in Landrush. If the domain of your choice is not assigned during Sunrise or Landrush phases, it will be assigned to you (note: on a “first come, first served” basis).


There’s a bunch of reasons to choose an domain:

  • Grab the domain you want, don’t just accept what’s left!
    A lot of names and words are still free, no need to get crazy with acronyms and variants because the name of your choice is already taken. You can finally register that domain you couldn’t get under the .com domain name.
  • Do you already own a .it domain for your business? Go international adding a *!
  • The initials “IT” can have different meanings. It can stand for “Information Technology”, “Italy” or it can be used as a pronoun with a verb (example: ““).
Why choose

Now in launch!

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